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One Way to Stay Sane

Stay sane?
Emangnya kamu gila?

Hehehe. Ya enggak. Insya Allah gak gila.

Sejak beberapa tahun terakhir gw merasa ada yang makin parah dari kepribadian gw. Males ngomong. Males berinteraksi lebih tepatnya. Dan ini, gak bagus.

Hmm, people say it's introvert. An intovert can take a wide long conversation, gather with people, drolling with friends, drowning in crowds, enjoy the noise, but not in all day long. That kind of activities are delightful... yet exhausting. They needed some time to recharge their energy back. 😐 Well, I'm still amazed (and always will) with people who has much energies to talk, being nice, and interact with other a whooole day from the sun rises till it even far from set. I adore them, really. (Though it's annoying, sometimes. Hehehe. 😁✌)

Yang jadi masalah, di kasus gw ini komposisi malesnya lebih banyak ketimbang alasan recharge energi tadi. 😅 Semales-malesnya gw ngomong tp gw juga merasa butuh bersuara, krn klo bener2 diem seharian ya stress juga (ribet…