pernah terhenti, mengurungkan niat untuk post some tweets/statuses di jejaring sosial karena liat update an temen lagi ditimpa musibah?

i feel it right now.. i just wanted to post some un-important things in twitter. but then, a new tweet showed up from a friend. i found a;

innalilahiwainnailaihi rojiuun selamat jalan ...................................

then i hold to click tweet button. im about to ask him what happened with his mom, type some text contained "kenapa?" then i stopped again in tweet button. im not ready and dont have any courage to find the answer. and im affraid to make him more sad. i know its not good to ask why when there is a sad news while you know the answer. so i keep my question on my own head and decided to make my own conclusion. yes, his mother just passed away... :(

innalillahi wa inna illaihi rojiuun...


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